My sleep clock is completely off again

It’s almost 3 AM – I’m finally finished working for the night and getting ready to head to bed. Normally I don’t care that much but I’m going to pay later this week when I head to Virginia and can’t sleep late after being up half the night!

After having wine and cheese while we watched the sunset from the apartment windows and a movie – Mr. Brooks, Keith and Chesty went to bed and I went back to work. I was very productive.

All my blocks for the Boxed Squares are finished now and I’ll set them aside until I get back home. I hope I can find a border from stash since this will measure 48×60 – I think I had 40 strips in the Jelly Roll so that should be 80 blocks set 8×10. I also pieced 2 bindings and stitched one on my Pink HeartStrings quilt from October’s project. I still have to hand stitch it down but getting it on the quilt is half the battle.


  1. I’ve just started a Boxed Squares quilt using the most wonderful group of soft lavender and green florals – springtime dreaming in the midst of winter… Love what you’re doing with your Photoshop experimentations!

  2. I’ve been reading your log for a couple of weeks and am amazed how many quilts you make! I’m a handpiecer and quilter and produce 1 or maybe 2 bedquilts a year..Do you EVER sleep or eat or whatever? You’re amazing Mary.

  3. Oh boy! Have you ever noticed the time stamp on my comments, lol! I was posting on Deb’s blog at 4:am the other day! I head off to bed, expectations for sleep high, suddenly my brain is wanting to be quilting…you are not alone. The moment morning breaks is glorious to experience, if I TRIED to be up for that I would never see it. Seems that you are very much in the quilting grove. My theory is this. A quilter should take advantage of that for a while, but you have been in the grove and extremely productive for a long time. Not so much sleeping during all of this time while in the grove?

  4. Hey, your clock will right itself eventually.In the meantime, work when you feel like it and sleep when you can. And if you need to sleep in while we’re home do it.

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