Just a little quilty progress today

Just in case you were wondering, I machine stitch my bindings to the front of the quilt and then hand stitch it down on the back. So of the 3 quilts HeartStrings quilts on the list; 1 is completely done, 1 is machine stitched and ready to be whipped down, 1 is still waiting for binding. I know a lot of people machine stitch their bindings completely, especially on donation quilts but I like the look of my binding best when finished by hand.

Finish Holiday House
Load and quilt the Ice Cream House
Make blocks for Boxed Squares
Make 2 backings for UFO’s that will become HeartStrings quilts
Bind 3 1.5 HeartStrings quilts

Tomorrow I’ll spend a good part of the day getting ready for my trip to Virginia so don’t expect to see much (any?) progress then either.


  1. Mary,That’s the way I bind all of my quilts. I see those that are completely done by machine and to me (just my opinion) they just don’t look as nice. And nice is important to me. Enjoy your family and God bless you with safe passage.

  2. I’m with you Mary. I always do the binding by hand. When I did the Quilts of Valor bindings-everyone said “finish it on the machine, hurry, hurry” The quilt bindings looked awful to me. Maybe some people have perfected their technique but mine didn’t look good at all.The ice cream quilt looks yummy!

  3. I like to bind by hand, it is my favorite part of the quilt. I also can’t sleep, and when I am up at say ,3am, binding is what I do.JulieQ

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