Nope, not asleep yet

So I made a postcard. I’ve been wanting to try Sandy Bonsib’s bias tube letters anyway. I made a half hearted attempt a week or so to actually make the bias tube – it didn’t go well.

Since I had some of the ready made stuff I thought I’d use that and give it a shot. I actually like how this turned out but the problem with the ready made double fold stuff is that the opening is on the side and she stitches down the middle to hold them in place.

Now is it even worth going in to lay down for 2 and 1/2 hours? I think I will.


  1. Darling postcard. I’ve been slacking on comments lately, but I wanted to stop by and say that I am charmed with the journal postcards you’ve made. So many great ideas!!! Lots of good memories for you stored in those!!! I mailed a postcards and it made it to England— can you believe it?!?! People can’t help but smile when they receive one…

  2. I like your bias letters. Kind of primative and boy, do I have a lot of old bias tape!! boxes and boxes from my MIL’s house. Get some sleep….JulieQ

  3. I wouldn’t worry that the stitching is in the center and the opening is on the side ~ that just adds to the character of the letters! When you stitch the edges of your cards, do you continuous stitch around the corners or stitch off and then start again on the next side? I have trouble getting clean corners (your corners look great).

  4. Now I know what to do with all the bias tape I have left over from my ‘other’ sewing life!Assumed that you flew safely and are now happily in the arms of your family. Will look forward to your postings as they may come.Enjoy!

  5. By now you are with your family – having a marvelous time I’m sure. I’m glad you aren’t going to post for a week – it will give me time to catch up on your blog. I know I have 2-3 dozen posts to read!

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