I’m glad to be home but another early morning flight has me very tired. I caught up on the mail and paid bills…doesn’t a nap sound like a good idea before Keith gets home and takes me out to dinner?

I didn’t mention it before but my Dad’s birthday is 2 days after Mom’s on December 10th. He died 19 years ago on December 11th and it was impossible NOT to think of him this past few days especially with the entire family getting together. Mom and I went to visit his grave on his birthday and she placed flowers.

While I was making a DVD with the photos from our reunion, I took a couple CD’s that had a lot of old photos and slides that had been scanned and created a DVD for Mom and me. Here’s one of my favorites from the CD. With 6 kids in the family, it’s a rare thing to have a photo of just the two of us.

Tomorrow I should get back to work on my To Do List.

  • Piece 2 backings
  • Quilt 2 UFO’s
  • Bind the Ice Cream Quilt
  • Finish the bindings on 2 HeartStrings Quilts
  • Wash/Dry 3 finished HeartStrings Quilts
  • Assemble the Boxed Squares blocks I pieced before my trip


  1. What a wonderful, beautiful picture of the two of you. I imagine it’s one you cherish very much. This time of year always makes me very nostalgic for the past – my dad died a couple days before Thanksgiving many years ago, and my mom on Christmas Eve morning. The first few holidays without them were so very hard.

  2. Mary, that is a super picture. I am missing my dad especially now, too. Today is his birthday! He would be 93 if he were still with us. He died in January almost six years ago. The time has really flown, but sometimes it feels like a LONG time that we’ve been without him.

  3. That’s a lovely picture. What nice memories it must evoke. So glad you had a good trip and had a chance to be with friends. And yes, I have drastically overestimated my quilting output and am somewhat with myself right now. Lots of things to get done but WHEN?Rest up.

  4. My favorite photo of me and my late father is us waiting outside the sanctuary door for him to walk me down the isle at my wedding. I really need to make a big picture of that one day. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. Oh Mary how wonderful for you to share that photo with us!!! Yes, Priceless as someone already mentioned! What a very special moment captured forever both in your heart and on film! 🙂 ~Bonnie

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