Chris called on Wednesday to say that he was very excited that they’ll be here a week from Friday (that’s a week from TODAY!). I think I need to revise my to do list and add shopping, decorating, CLEANING, buying groceries….who knew that Christmas was just around the corner?

Between shopping yesterday for a few stocking stuffers for Adam who will be on his own for Christmas, buying a few decorations for the apartment (all my Christmas stuff was left at the house in Marietta last year), shopping for a festive outfit, and going to a business dinner with Keith…absolutely nothing from my quilting to do list was accomplished.

On today’s list of things that MUST get done – sewing the binding on the Ice Cream quilt and unpacking from my VA trip. I think I’ll toss those HeartStrings quilts in the washer and check that off too.

Did anyone else seriously overestimate the amount of quilty work they were going to get done before Christmas?


  1. I’m with Vicki — I want to meet her, and then I want to hide the body ;0). Oh yeah, I’ve overestimated what I can do. I’m still trying — but ooooh boy!

  2. It happens every year, plan what I am going to do, then about this time of the month, re-evaluate the situation and eliminate what I know doesn’t have a ghost of a chance of being finished, No table runner for my Christmas table this year, but maybe next if I stick with it in Jan instead of starting something new!

  3. Mary… you are not alone. I tend to be a perfectionist so of course everything takes much longer than I allow. I’m always so stressed this time of year. I think it’s time for me to reevaluate too, like Norma does. Good luck with your list!

  4. I thought over estimating what you want done in how long you have to do it PART of the Christmas hustle and bustle!!?? I may give ‘quilt certificates’ but only if I have one ON the frame!

  5. I ALWAYS have BIG plans and then just manage to do what I can do… One thing that I do NOT do – I never compare myself to others OR beautiful magazine spreads for that matter! We have our own traditions and I try to keep things simple so I can just enjoy. Relax Mary and enjoy yourself!!! It sounds like you do have alot of fun things coming up.Cheers!Evelyn

  6. NO! LOL! However…this is the part that makes all of you feel ever so much better! I seriously underestimated how much “Christmas” I need to do before Christmas arrives instead! There are no cookies, no grocery list made, no cards mailed, no this, no that…good grief Charlie Brown! What have you been doing? Quilting! So there you have it on the flip side. 🙂

  7. You are so funny! the whole back of my sofa is covered in quilting projects. Luckily the “done” pile is now bigger than the “to be done”! Good luck and merry Christmas

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