I actually have quilt photos to share today

Just to show you that I actually did bind the Ice Cream quilt. It’s in the dryer now and then it’s ready to be gifted.

Here’s a fairly old UFO. Everyone on one of my quilting lists was raving about the Yellow Brick Road pattern 2-3 years ago so I had to try it. I realized quickly I don’t like quilts from this pattern – mine or others I’ve seen and this one sat unquilted until today. It will be donated as a HeartStrings quilt (donating *ugly* quilts is another recent discussion on one of my groups that I won’t go into right now) .

Since I can be pretty assembly line about my quilting at times, this has the same thread and pattern I’m going to quilt on another UFO that’s next up for quilting. The pantograph is Whirlygig from Willow Leaf Studios. It’s one I recently ordered and this is the first quilt I’ve used it on. It was quick and easy and more important – it takes advantage of the smaller amount of throat space I have on the Premier so I don’t have to roll as frequently.

I checked my binding bin to see if I’d made a binding and found one cut from the yellow butterfly fabric but I think this needs a blue binding so I’ll use the fabric on the bottom of the photo instead.
Next up is binding this one and piecing a backing for another ugly UFO. I think using the yellow thread and this pantograph will help to break up all the blue background on that one.


  1. Mary,The YBR quilt isn’t ugly, but the other ugly UFO…OH MY! LOL…I do have to agree with ya on that one! ;oD Why do you have the ice cream quilt in the dryer? Just curious…I’ve read that before on other blogs and always wondered why people dry finished quilts before gifting.Laurie

  2. The Ice Cream quilt turned out great! I thought you decided to keep that one for yourself? 😉I’m not a huge YBR fan either but both of your “ugly” quilts have great fabrics and happy colors so they will be wonderful service quilts.

  3. The blue & yellow YBR doesn’t qualify for ugly as the discussion has been going on…I agree, it’s not MY cup of tea, but my mother and a couple friends would love. To each their own. And aren’t we glad there are bazillions of fabrics out there!!!

  4. no such thing as an ugly quilt. there’s someone who will love it somewhere, i just know it.congratulations on getting that ice cream quilt finished up. it came out great!

  5. I must have missed the discussion on donating *ugly* quilts… can’t wait until you have time to go into it… as I am currious!I agree with you on the Yellow Brick Road pattern… but maybe this brick road will find it’s way to someone who loves Blue/Yellow! 😉Merry Christmas from Texas! ~Bonnie

  6. I’m not real fond of the YBR quilts either — they look like planned crazy quilts or something. I love scrappy, but I like traditional scrappy! LOL I do like the quilting/panto on this one though. And I like that yellow fabric.

  7. The ice cream quilt looks great! The YBR isn’t so bad, but the last one…well, you’re right it is ugly! But I’m sure the person who recieves it will love it…you know one person’s trash is another’s treasure.

  8. Um, yeah…the only quilt I have made that I still own is a blue and yellow YBR, and I get lots of compliments on it. I like it, and I am not a big fan of YBR unless you pick the right prints and contrasts.I don’t think your ugley quilts are ugly either, not nearly as lovely as your legit quilts, but still not ugly!

  9. You amaze me with all you get done. Glad you have some UFO’s to be working on in the next year too. I’d be sad if everyone else was starting new stuff and I was working on old projects alone! I like that whirlygig panto a lot!

  10. I rather like the YBR, but must admit, I dont like the other one.That whirlygig panto looks like it does a lot to improve your definition of ‘ugly’. LOL.

  11. That ice cream quilt is gorgeous! And I really like that Whirlywig pantograph on the Yellow Brick Road quilt. You do such beautiful work!

  12. I must agree with everyone else; your ugly quilts are not ugly at all. I too am not a fan of YBR type quilts but that is only because making a quilt like that would bore me to death. Your IC quilt is beautiful. I wish I had the ability to quilt like that on my standard sewing machine. Merry Christmas.LB

  13. I am going to go against the grain and share that I have made a fair number of quilts using the YBR pattern. In EVERY case, it was all about the fabrics/colors and not about intricate or complex piecing ~ the gift recipients each LOVE their quilts. I understand why some don’t care for the pattern, and it is not my “standard” by any means, but it works well when you need a means to accomplish an end! And, of course, top notch quilting finishes off the quilt in a way nothing else can…

  14. I love that neopolitan quilt!! It is very special and the prettiest I have seen. I am so proud of you for donating so many quilts. Someone, somewhere will be warmer inside and out due to that “ugly” quilt. Merry Christmas!!julieQ

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