The 28th is my 2nd year blogging anniversary and I’m officially calling this my first successful attempt at keeping a journal. Thanks to all of you who stop by and leave comments or email me. You help make it fun.

And on this anniversary, here’s my year end summary (a couple days early and you’ll note that I’m counting the windmill quilt as quilted. I loaded it tonight and the quilting will be done before the end of the year but the binding won’t).

My most important success with my UFO’s this year was not allowing any new starts to be set aside until the entire top was pieced. I don’t mind carrying tops over into the new year as UFO’s because I’m confident they’ll be finished not abandoned……it’s those quilts still in pieces that I struggle to finish once they’re set aside.

2007 Quilting Stats
62 Machine Quilted
· 18 of these were tops belonging to family members
· 2 were my quilts that were gifts for family
· 17 were tops that were pieced by others for HeartStrings
· 25 were my donation quilts
3 Hand Quilted
· Drunkard’s Path doll quilt
· Checkerboard doll quilt
· Holiday House wallhanging
16 UFO’s completed
18 New starts (includes 2 with Mom)
· 11 quilts were completed
· 7 are finished tops

UFO’s for 2008 – 25 on this working list (there are others that may be added as I come across them)
Needing Binding/Label
· Pink HeartStrings
· Red HeartStrings
· Blue/Gold Windmills
Donated HeartStrings tops needing quilting/binding/labeling
· QOV top pieced by Sue
· Stashbuster #1
· Stashbuster #2
· Annie’s top #1
· Annie’s top #2
· Barbara’s Chinese Coins
My HeartStrings tops and personal tops
· Green 4 Patch
· Crazy quilt (doll quilt)
· Half Square Hearts
· Christmas Lily
· Irish Chain
· Green Floral
· Dragonfly
· Pineapple
· Spiderweb
· Chinese Coins #2 (pieced by me from donated coins)
· Chinese Coins #5 (pieced by me from donated coins)
· Boxed Squares
· Lizard Strippie
UFO’s still in the piecing stage (started in 2006 or earlier)
· Flying Geese
· Homespun uneven SnS
· Grandmother’s flower blocks


  1. Impressive stats! Especially the number of quilts machine quilted and number of UFOs completed! That number is going to be hard to top in 2008!

  2. great progress this year.YOu should be very proud of yourself.So nice of you to donate all those quilts.I am working on continuing to donate a baby quilt a month to our local hospitals social services for very low income families…this way the new baby has something that is new.I would love to donate more than one a month.Kathie

  3. Your statistics ought to make it to Guiness World Records! Absolutely unbelievable! Congratulations on a good year and two years of blogging!

  4. I would say that ‘you are a machine,’ but machines don’t have hearts and yours is huge. HUGE! I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you are prolific and you’ve never made a quilt I didn’t like.The quilt in the previous post… gorgeous. That has to be one of my favorite easy patterns. Thanks for posting the picture of your DIL with her quilt, too. That’s probably one of the prettiest I’ve seen of that pattern.Hugs, and thanks for all you do!

  5. Mary – your list for this year are impressive! I enjoy your blog so much. I check in on you every day as part of my morning routine. I feel like we are friends. Especially when I visit a quilt shop and think of your stash getting smaller and mine is getting larger. Happy new year!

  6. Happy New Year Mary, you really make my day brighter and bless you for all that you do for others. That’s an impressive list.

  7. Dear quilt diary, today I completed my zillionth quilt…I can imagine reading this on your blog by the year 2010 if you keep humming along as you are. Here’s to staying in the ‘groove’! Or out in the grove, whichever works best! Heeheehe!Thanks for sharing your designs and experiences as well as regular daily life fun. Also like the book list. Email chats are nice in the wee hours of the morning as well, lol, while regular people sleep!

  8. You’ve definitely inspired me to keep up with what I do. Do you surprise yourself when you look at those numbers? You surely do get a lot done!

  9. Well done, Mary! I think you can look back on a very successful year quiltwise. And just think of all the people being warmed by those donation quilts that you had a hand in creating. Gives you a really warm feeling of your own, doesn’t it.Happy Blog-anniversary! I’m with you – I’ve always wanted to keep a journal but was never successful until I tried blogging.

  10. Happy Blogiversary! I’m with you on keeping a journal. I’ve found that blogging is much easier than writing with a pen on paper.You did finish a lot of quilts this year. Congratulations on a great accomplishment.Also congrats on driving in snow. It really isn’t all that difficult to do.

  11. Hi Mary, I’m sooo impressed!! I have some donated tops to add to your 2008 list. I’ll send an email. In the meantime, you inspire me at all levels. Make sure you tuck in those wings when you go out in the snow…LOL 😉Now, off to make MY list, and BTW Happy anniversary! Nancy Eaton

  12. Wow, Mary. Your list for 2007 is very impressive. I predict a successful 2008, too. Congratulations on your second anniversary! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun.

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