More postcards?

I decided that the beaded postcard was done so I put a backing on it and stitched the edging. I also decided to start one more….I wonder who will get these two?

See those glasses in the photo? My eyes are getting old and I find I’m having to use glasses for detail work – serves me right for laughing at Deb years ago when she started wearing granny glasses (you guys do know she’s my OLDER sister don’t you?).

Here’s the next top to be loaded on the longarm. It’s one of two pieced by Sandra and contributed to by the Stashbuster group I belong to. Both quilts will be donated when finished.


  1. I have the old eyes thing going on here, too. I have three pair of glasses to address all of it. Argh! I could do this quilt with my scraps, meager as my collection is, I could do something along these lines. I’m not a big stash girl, but I do have some scraps coming along now.

  2. Mary,I so enjoy reading your blog. You are a verytalented woman. I ordered some of the crazyquilting books on your bookshelf. I have onequestion , what kind of thread do you use foryour crazy quilting? I dont have a blog so mycomment is signed anon , but my name isMarilyn. Thanks for blogging.

  3. Oh, and after that, I really think I should get one of those postcards…it’s your penance for making fun of older people!

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