On being productive

I loaded and quilted a donated top from Barbara today – this one will also go to Project Linus along with the other ones I’ve been working on for HeartStrings.

I frequently get comments on how productive I am. When trying to finish as many donated tops as I can, I find that if I set up a pantograph or template and thread color on the longarm that I save time if I quilt more than one top before changing them. I just knew that of all the tops I have here waiting I could find another one that I could use the Double Rose pantograph and cream thread with and look what I found in the box of 7 tops sent by Nancy in CT!

The quilt on the left is Barbara’s top, finished and ready for binding and the one on the right is Nancy’s ready to load. Both of these tops came with backings ready to load on the longarm.

Don’t you love the change in the lighting from the first picture? I love the afternoon sun that we get in our apartment. I know we won’t find the same light when we get ready to move.

Now it’s time to work on bindings.

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I’m so excited!

My Kindle is supposed to come tomorrow. Last night I shopped for a couple books so I’ll be ready to read when it arrives. One of the coolest features is that I can download the first chapter of a book and before I decide if I want to buy it….if I do, it’s there in seconds with the touch of a button!

On my trip home from Deb’s I had a book with me that I realized I’d finish reading before getting home so I bought another one in the airport….unfortunately I finished that one too and ran out of reading material before getting home. The Kindle will solve that problem for me – I’ll never run out of read material.

On today’s list:
Load and quilt a donated HeartStrings top
Get a binding on the Coins quilt and start to stitch it down.

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HeartStrings Anniversary Quilt

I’m celebrating the first year anniversary of the HeartStrings Quilt Project by making myself an anniversary quilt and quilters from the HeartStrings Yahoo group have been sending me blocks to be a part of it. I think it’s so neat how these string blocks from different quilters all work together. These 4 blocks came from Texas, Australia, Massachusetts, and Colorado.

I did it

The body of this stuffed dragonfly was too thick for the longarm so I stitched the wings down on the longarm – close to the body – I went back and forth several times.

Then, after taking it off the longarm I decided that I wanted the legs stitched down so I appliqued them by hand. The wings, head, and tail are left free.

And because Dawn cautions about not leaving anything unstitched that little fingers might get caught under – I stitched the body at the head and tail where the wings ended by hand, from the back of the quilt with a strong, waxed hand quilting thread. This dragonfly is going NO WHERE! Isn’t it cute? You can click any of the photos to see a larger view – the photo below shows the back after I’m done.

For those of you with Dawn’s Pajama Quilter DVD, she demonstrates this in the Bonus Extras section and it’s lots of fun!

I’m so easily distracted

I went searching for a panel quilt to try a cute thing from the Pajama Quilter DVD, Dawn attaches small beanie babies or stuffed animals onto the quilt top with the longarm (she even sent me some to try).

Instead of a panel I found this old UFO, a strippie top that Mom had pieced but didn’t really like so she gave it to me to finish – a long time ago. I decided it would be perfect for this dragonfly. So I loaded the top and quilted it and after watching the section on the DVD on attaching them, I’m going to give it a shot.

And isn’t this little lizard just perfect for the fabric I already had pulled for another one of my quick donation quilts.