Happy New Year!

I’m starting off the new year with a bang! This morning I finished up the Swirls quilting on the Coins top pieced by Sandra and went ahead and loaded and quilted my little Lizard Strippie top.

HeartStrings members are going to be working on quilts for Project Linus in January (in time for their February 16, Make a Blanket Day) and this one will be donated to the chapter here in the Minneapolis area. It’s my favorite quick donation quilt for kids.

So it’s January 1st and I already have two tops quilted. I also machine stitched the binding on the Windmill quilt and will hand-stitch it down while Keith and I watch a movie this evening.

I love it when I’m productive!


  1. What a great way to kick off the new year! I need to make a couple of those strippy quilts of yours. I’ve set a goal to make a few Project Linus quilts this year and that would also be a great stash quilt.

  2. Way to go Mary! You set an amazing example for the rest of us. I have yet to get upstairs to start quilting. That’s what happens when one doesn’t get up until after 10:00 a.m.! Since then I’ve been sitting in a chair reading emails and blogs. I’m determined not to get behind reading all the ones I’m now caught up on!

  3. What a fantastic start to the New Year. You’ve set the bar high for the rest of us. I will have to get busy and see if I can get a few finishes in before the week is over.Hope the rest of 2008 is as productive and satisfying.

  4. I love the swirls. I have a coins quilt and that is probably what I will request when it gets sent to the longarmer. You do amazing work and you get such much done. You are incredibly productive! I was cleaning my sewing room today and came across some fabric that I am going to use your 4 patch pattern on. I’ll let you know how it goes. Happy 2008!!! Thanks for all that you share with us!

  5. With the day off I managed to make 11 string blocks and thought it was a major accomplishment. You have far surpassed me.That quilt is beautiful.

  6. GOSH Mary…Now ya got me wanting the swirl template! LOL…you are costing me a fortune! First the baptist fan now the swirls! LOL…nah, I think I better wait…but the quilts look fabulous! I have done 3 quilts and have a 4th on the way to being done…laurie

  7. Tell your friend, I love her coin quilt. Wonderful colors! Your quilting is great. What are you talking about an ugly UFO? What’s so ugly? Your lizard fabric is SO cute in your other quilt.

  8. Great start to the year Mary. I love those circles on the coins quilt. I will have to check out circle lords cos I had no idea that you could do that type of thing with them.I like the quilting on the stripy quilt too. Seeing this quilt again reminds me that I have some cat fabric which could make up into that pattern quite nicely. Now if I can just find it that could go on the projects to do list.

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