My first UFO finish for 2008

It’s that rather ugly UFO I mentioned several days ago but it’s DONE! Quilted, bound, and labeled and while the quilting didn’t help tremendously I’m sure that the quilt will at least provide some warmth and comfort to someone.

8 thoughts on “My first UFO finish for 2008

  1. Very cool mary, it looks like pajama quilter quilting! I reeived my DVD today and put it in while quilting! GOOD JOB!hugslaurie

  2. You know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder! Someone will think this is just perfect…I’m waiting for my DVD to arrive. I’m being SUCH a chicken! I need her encouragement….

  3. great quilt, perfect for a little boy or someone whos favorite color is blue. Trust me this quilt is not ugly 🙂I have seen quilts that people made to donate and was embarrassed that they were being donated, they were so ugly. another wonderful quiltby you!

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