Squaring up HeartStrings blocks

Our HeartStrings guidelines call for starting with a 10 inch muslin/fabric base and then squaring to 9.5 inches after piecing the strings. I posted some photos/instructions today showing how I square my blocks.

As I stitched a set of 4 blocks so I could photograph the steps I take squaring them, I realized I’ve missed sewing these. I think it’s time for some more mindless string piecing!

6 thoughts on “Squaring up HeartStrings blocks

  1. I think these string blocks are the ultimate form of quilting stress relief. Just grab a string and go – quick results, no heavy thinking required. I’m so glad I found the HeartStrings group!


  2. That’s how I’m feeling – my strings are singing their siren song to me. I must be strong however – I’m determined to quilt up a bunch of my flimsies this month and put all those crumb chaos blocks into quilt tops and then finished quilts.


  3. Thanks for the squaring up instructions….now I see what I was doing wrong…..only cutting from two sides instead of all 4.Thanks,Crystal in Pahrump


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