Can you guess who wasn’t unhappy with the Redskins losing today?

This photo was taken just before Christmas – we went to a game when Chris and Becky were here and unfortunately, the Vikings lost. I can’t really claim to be a Viking fan yet but I’m giving it a shot. I was a Dolphin fan for many years when we lived in Florida but we kind of fell out of the habit of watching football during the 4+ years we were in Georgia. I’ve joked for years that my 2nd favorite team is anyone playing against the Redskins!

Very little was accomplished today other than some handwork on my doll quilt and computer work. I’m feeling kind of run down and this cold is still lingering.


  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I didn’t know you ever went at anything but warp speed! I never know who’s playing football and the only reason I ever know it’s happening is because of the noise I hear coming from our family room.

  2. Mary, that pic is adorable! I real keeper! I hope you feel better soon. I am getting over a bad cold that hit me hard on New Year’s Eve. Everyone in the fam had it cept for DH and he woke up with it this morning.Laurie

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