UFO #4

I had blue thread on the sewing machine so after finishing up the blue blocks for the crumb/string quilt, I sewed the binding on on this UFO and then sat tonight and stitched it down by hand.

I love these little quilts – this one will be donated through HeartStrings to Project Linus. To see the quilting close-up and some brief instructions on making it, visit my MaryQuilts.com site.

Next up, I’ll change to red thread and piece a back for another HeartStrings quilt, sew a binding on this Coins quilt, and then make my red crumb/string blocks….I love having a plan!

6 thoughts on “UFO #4

  1. I made a top for Little Boy using your idea – I had it out this week to measure it for a backing (have to order flannel!) and DH absolutely loved it! I was amazed because it really is such an easy project but he said that the fabric I used really made the quilt and that it is a fun kids quilt! MUST make some more up for the many, many cousins!Cheers!Evelyn


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