Don’t miss the important stuff on the PJ Quilter DVD

Go ahead, click on the larger photos to see the quilting up close. I can handle the critique!

I’m quilting wonky feathers today and while it’s not going as well as I’d like it’s not too bad either. (As I’m getting in the flow I think I’m doing better.)

LISTEN to Dawn when she says be nice to yourself. It’s easy to start focusing on each individual element or wobble, or the spacing that’s not just right, or the really bad looking feathers but when I step back and look at the OVERALL quilting, it will do and I will get better.

Funny but the pep talk she gives you on the DVD is just as important as the demonstration of the quilting designs.

Next time, I’ll make sure I have chocolate in the house before starting!


  1. LOL!I agree about the chocolate part! It’s important to have it handy… and with 3 kids in the house I must keep it hidden where they don’t expect, like Dawn suggests.I like how your wonky feathers look. It is neat how each person’s feathers look different. It is like each person has unique handwriting; each one of us has unique freehand quilting.

  2. I think they look wonderful! Thanks so much for mentioning Pajama Quilter on your blog. I love the DVD and have even gotten BRAVE! Check out my paisley echo. It is from a different book, but Dawn revved me up to start! I will try the wonky feathers next quilt. I really need to have some practice ones I can PRACTICE on. I seem to always have a quilt on the frame I CARE about how it turns out. Time to dive into the panel/UFO/ scrappy piles!

  3. Mary, I think these look great. I’m going to try some of them myself tonight (I have to admit that I haven’t practiced doodling) and will post them on my blog later. Yours look terrific.~Joan

  4. Your feathers look great to me. There have been times when I made a bad feather or the spacing was wrong and I meant to go back later and fix it. When I went back, I couldn’t find it! Don’t be too hard on yourself and don’t forget to enjoy the process!

  5. my long arm machine will be here in about a week. would you recommend the pajamaquilter reloaded disc as a good guide for the beginner? (i’ve been quilting forever, but always on my regular sewing machine). i’m a bit hesitant to drop $30 on an instructional dvd.

  6. Mary, Your wonky feathers look terrific and so nice on that quilt. Dawn is right, take a step back and you see that it looks so much better in the overall picture and you won’t even be able to find a slight wobble or notice uneven spacing. Keep up the practice and soon you’ll be comfortable w/it and could do it in your sleep. Great Job!

  7. OMG! I watched that DVD and fell in love immediately. My one and only foray *so far* into the longarm world was wonderful and I even though I only watched 5 mins of reloaded, I was able to go and do flowers! I cannot wait to get my own copy.

  8. Mary, your feathers look fantastic to me! Now I just can’t wait for my DVD to get here so I can have fun ‘playing,’ too.Barb in MI

  9. This quilting concept would be PERFECT for a top that I just finished (Brenrich Cove, the one in lavender and green). I’ve sent a link to your post to my quilty-friend Chris in case she happens to miss checking in on you today.LOVE the work you’re doing!!!

  10. your feathers look totally wonderful Mary! remember- wonky means exactly that…not all the it’s good to have different spacing etc. close up they look even better

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