I am overflowing with inspiration these days. I’ve got a bunch of new books (these are just a few) to inspire my postcards and crazy quilting and the Pajama Quilter DVD. I want to try it all! The Quilt Toppings book has lots of good ideas for embellishments.

Before unloading Annie’s pink HeartString top from the longarm, I used the extra backing to try some of Dawn’s echoed flowers. Keep in mind that I need to practice these but I watched the segment on the DVD and then stitched them.

Now, are you ready for the UGLY feathers.? The beauty of a busy top is that it hides a lot of flaws but sometimes it makes it difficult to see your previous stitching line. In this photo you can see the one place in this quilt that I sewed over another feather and would you look at that big ugly feather on the bottom of the photo!! And NO, I didn’t pick out these and redo them – I kept going.

This next section looks better overall. I wouldn’t recommend using a solid backing when you’re learning new quilting designs but it was what I had pieced for this quilt so I used it anyway (this was one of my off center 4 patch backings and one fabric was the print above with the echoed flowers and this was the other).
I only have a small whiteboard and I haven’t used it much. I’ll have to pull it out and do some more practice and maybe look around for a larger one.


  1. I’ve been enjoying your progress on the wonky feathers, and clicked the link to the pajama quilter site. I was surprised to see she lives about 45 miles from me. I ordered the dvd, and can hardly wait to try some of these myself. Thanks for the inspiration, and the link.

  2. Mary,I am so proud of you for cutting loose!!! You aren’t worried about perfection…at least it seems that way! I think the pajama quilter has done wonders for you! WOOOHOOO!!!HugsLaurie

  3. you’re being overly critical. ALL the feathers look marvelous. It’s fun to have one oversized like that and I really love where you have one overlapping another.

  4. The feathers are fine. They’re supposed to be wonky. The flowers look great too.The books should give you lots of inspiration. Though it looks as if you’ve been pretty inspired on your own lately!

  5. well, I would have to chime in and say your quilting just gets better the more you play! great quilting really Mary- and thanks to you I ordered the dvd too…can’t wait to watch it and be -re-inspired too.

  6. Your feathers are so nice! I’ve seen people recommending the Pajama Quilter DVd and it looks so intriguing but if you don’t have a long arm machine do you recommend it? I’d love to do something like this on a domestic machine…

  7. I like them. I’m going to break down and order the DVD.I’m watching Fons/Porter right now and they have Marilyn Badger on … WOW The show is probably a rerun but who cares.

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