I don’t practice on muslin

Not that I think there’s anything wrong with practicing machine quilting on muslin but I just feel its wasteful of MY time. Sometimes I’ll practice on paper, then on a strip of leftover backing at the bottom of a quilt, and then jump right in on a *real* quilt. Other times I’ll pull out one of the panel quilts I keep on hand for this purpose. (When I first got my longarm I practiced a lot on panels.)

Haven’t those of you with the Pajama Quilter DVD been itching to give Dwirling a try? I have – so I pulled out a panel and had some fun this afternoon. Now all I have to do is bind it and it will make a nice little donation quilt.


  1. I have to say that you make me wish for a longarm quilting machine. I just love what you can do with it. Meanwhile I keep Verina very happy quilting my tops!!

  2. that looks good mary! I have only tried the wonky feathers…maybe i’ll try dwirling next!hugslaurieps…i’m glad you mentioned that dvd…i just love it as it is my style of quilting

  3. Mary, how far apart did you put your lines? I did a baby quilt with them about an inch apart. I’ll make them closer together next time. I got the DVD because you recommended it. I got a personal email from Dawn Ramirez herself after I posted about my wonky feathers! I was shocked!~Joan

  4. I haven’t tried the dwirling yet. I did try the wonky feathers yesterday, and was pleased witht them. I also tried her little 5 petal flower, and it turned out really cute. A panel is a great idea. I have one hanging around I think I will try this on it.

  5. Your quilting looks great!! I’ve seen so many posts recently from you and several other quilters about this DVD that I ordered it last week…it just arrived yesterday, and can’t wait to try it! I have a little pile of panels just waiting.

  6. I was talking to my husband and mentioned that since I only piece a couple of quilts a year, I would have to buy a bolt of muslin to practice on my mid-arm machine. Not an hour goes by, but I come to my computer to read my favorite blogs, only to find your title line that says “I don’t practice on muslin.” Were you that fly that was on the wall when we were talking? Thanks for clearing that up for me. It makes sense. I’ll have to get some panels.

  7. That looks so cool! Keep that up and your Circle Lord will be collecting dust.O.K. – I’ve resisted temptation long enough – I’m ordering the DVD today.

  8. oh, I ordered my DVD on Dec 30, and it was sent out on Jan 3rd. I should get it any day now…. I can’t wait to get it…. You are so inspiring… Great work and keep up the samples.

  9. Mary, I love seeing your work, you are such an inspiration to me! This quilt looks great to me!I have done LA quilting for 3yrs now and I always LOVE to learn new things! I ordered this DVD and can’t wait to start the wonky feathers, yours look wonderful!Thanks for sharing!Chris

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