UFO # 7

You guys do realize that this time of year, pretty much everything I complete counts as a UFO finish right? According to the Stashbuster *rules*, any quilt in progress at the end of 2007 that at least needs a binding and label counts as a UFO.

There was a comment on Stashbuster that hit me wrong – I don’t judge anyone’s productivity (except mine). I’m not in a competition with anyone (but myself). I don’t work, my kids are grown and making and donating quilts is what I do and yes, I’m productive – I can’t imagine why that would be an issue for someone.

This was a donated top (yes they count since I’m quilting, binding, and labeling them) pieced by Annie and sent to me to finish and donate for HeartStrings. And since I’m so proud of myself, there’s another close-up of the Wonky Feather Quilting. To get a good view – click to enlarge the photo of the quilting close-up.


  1. Oooh.. another pretty string quilt with fun wonky feathers. Nice job Mary. I wouldn’t worry too much about the comments on Stashbuster. The challenge is supposed to be a tool to help us get things done. Sounds like a few gals have forgotten the purpose….that and to have fun. You definitely look like you are having fun. :c)

  2. Mary I love love love your wonky feathers! Don’t let the other comment get you down….you are doing great and I personally thik it’s fantastic what you do and how productive you are at it! I wish I got that much done in the way of finishing….right now I’m in a piecing stage, but the HQ will be humming like crazy before long I’m sure 🙂

  3. {{{{{Mary}}}}} I hope the poster (and I belong to the group, so I saw the post as it came in) didn’t mean to come off quite as critical as she did … I think you’re doing a wonderful job and there are a lot of lucky people out there that have been warmed by your generous heart. Just keep doing what you do – karma baby … KARMA!!!

  4. Haven’t visited your blog in a while. I just love looking at your quilts. your postcards and journals are so pretty and inspiring, and of course all your quilting work is awesome. Minnesota is lucky to have you! (are you looking forward to our deep freeze this weekend?)

  5. Mary,some people always have to have something to say.I think what you do is amazing, make and donate all these quilts.this makes you happy thats all that counts.Keep finishing those quilts and they count in my book!Love the quilting on this one.I enjoy seeing all your work.Kathie

  6. Yes Mary – it is a UFO – It was my UFO and you finished it for me!!! It was still a project that was in YOUR house that needed finishing – sounds like a UFO to me!! And many Thanks for doing that – you did such a great job finishing what I had started!!

  7. Quiltzilla is everywhere – how sad! It’s easier said than done but just pigeon hole the comment and move on! 🙂Mary, I’m in constant awe all you do and it truly doesn’t matter how or why – this is what makes you happy. It’s your JOY! 🙂

  8. What lovely wonky feathers!! And I love the pink strings. I received my Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD yesterday and had to watch it before I left for guild. Can’t wait to try it.

  9. If it is in your house, needs to be finished, and you finish it, then seems to me that you have finished a UFO!!! Great work, your feathers are wonderful. In my next life I would love to have a long-arm machine, but for now I will be just keep creating with what I have.

  10. Mary, Pooh on the comment! You do awesome work – I love your string quilts, your post cards and just hearing about life in Mpls!Seriously – you HAVE to have an indoor hobby in MN! What better fun that this?Keep up the good work – here’s to 52+ finishes this year! :>doni in Nebraska

  11. I’m very impressed with the wonky feathers!!! I’ve watched the video and tried….there are more hours of watching with a white board and marker in the future for me. Some day I hope I make wonky feathers as WELL as you do!

  12. OH..I’m SO jazzed to try those feathers! I started my peacock echo so small…that it is turning into a VERY labor intensive quilt! Oh well, just think of all the PRACTICE I will have logged! HA! I’m off to Rd to Ca for the day tomorrow…with any luck I will run in to Judy!

  13. Mary, I personally enjoy seeing all that you accomplish and all of the donation quilts that you complete. You inspire me to be more productive with my quilting and donating. Don’t let someone else’s feeling of hurt or jealousy (whatever the case may be) deter you from doing and sharing. Take care, Cory

  14. Your wonky feathers look great! Don’t stress over what small minded people say. You’re doing what you want and you’re doing it very well. So keep on keeping on!

  15. Don’t you listen to small minded people AND don’t ever feel a need to justify what you do. URHG! It’s just one woman green with envy over the fact that you are productive! Forget about it!!!

  16. Keep up the great work. I love the things you do and show us. We all have a path to follow, mine at the moment is work,and babysit gs and veg alittle, than sew. I enjoy life and love everyones creation.

  17. Mary,I am in the same boat as you, kids grown not working and love to quilt. I got slammed on a quilt MB (about 3 years ago) for accomplishing so much and bragging about it. I wasn’t bragging, I was sharing. I too, compete with no one! Let that silly comment go and keep up what you are doing! You are AWESOME!HugsLaurieps…your wonky feathers are AMAZING!

  18. That is the interesting thing about stashbusters. There are many types of people on the list. I think if you could talk to any of us there would be many of us who have run into a person without any boundaries who feels that it is ok to judge and critize. For the most part quilters usually treat each other well. I had a similar issue on the list and left. I did come back but I do not really read the majority of the emails. I am sorry you had this happen to you. I enjoy reading your blog and really never levae any comments but I am trying to be better about that in 2008.

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