Am I crazy?

I want to start another crazy quilt but I’m debating the color scheme. I only have cotton fabric so it won’t be a *true* crazy quilt with it’s mix of fabrics but I’m really tempted to make it in only blue and white. I’ve never seen a two color crazy quilt but I liked the look of my postcard and love blue and white quilts so I’m thinking why not. It’s not going to be huge – look how long the doll quilt took me and that’s without any beading which I definitely want to do on this one. Any thoughts?

I bought this book after seeing it on VickiW’s blog and I love it – it has lots of motifs for me to use for embroidery. I decided I’d start embroidering some on fabric patches while I decide my color scheme. On Allie’s blog I learned I could use paper to trace the design and stitch through – how cool is that?
I’ve finished the binding on this donation quilt tonight. It reinforced my belief that having a large stash isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I love that I can pull backings and bindings for a variety of donated tops and finish up these quilts with the fabric I have on hand. I love how this stripe looks.

I had several great suggestions about a name for my current piecing project, my favorite was from GypsyQuilter “Pieces of my Heart”. Of course, I’ll probably shorten it to “the heart quilt” and 6 months from now I won’t remember what I actually called it but for now it pleases me.


  1. Mary, do what makes you happy!Just spent some time catching up with your posts (I’ve been “out sick” for a few days). Love what you did with the Heartstrings website and your wonky feather work is GREAT. So glad to know about Deb’s “published” piece… it’s more than okay that the two of you are not exactly the same (how boring would that be??!?!).Take care – have fun – and happy stitching!

  2. quilt name: Crumbs in the Cabinre:crazy quilt, hey it’s YOUR quilt so do what pleases you most ( and maybe start a new trend!)go for it!K.

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