Amazon’s Kindle Reader

I don’t know if you all realize that I love gadgets and electronics (computers, digital cameras, sewing machines, longarms, etc) but one thing I had doubts I’d ever purchase was an electronic book reader. I LOVE books and I couldn’t picture myself reading them on a computer type screen.

Well I changed my mind – after weighing the pros and cons I’m going to give the new Amazon Kindle Reader a try. I love the idea of carrying my library around with me in the space of a paperback book, downloading a new book instantly, and paying less per book = more books.

I made the decision to buy a few days after Christmas but they’ve been back ordered. I got an email last night saying it should arrive the week of February 8th – I can’t wait!

It certainly won’t replace all books for me but it will definitely be my “carry around” book. I’ll just warn you – they aren’t cheap but I figure for me the savings in purchasing the books will help offset the cost.

7 thoughts on “Amazon’s Kindle Reader

  1. Cool idea! Is it light to carry, I wonder? Can’t wait to know, I read constantly. Mary, I just love all your quilts and what you do for charity. I wonder if you ever keep a quilt?


  2. I’m VERY interested in the Kindle Reader and have been wondering how it really works. Please keep us informed! Since I have no access to an English library and English books are few and far between at the bookstore, this could be the machine that I really need! But the price! Whew! Please give it a review on your blog!


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