1. I read you blog Mary. You are in my bloglines, so I don’t comment much. Also I look at your pattern website from time to time. I haven’t made anything, but I do enjoy your work.Jodie

  2. Mary,I have you in my bloglines as well and read it whenever you make a new post. I am new to the blog world since the beginning of January and I enjoy reading. Keep up the good work.

  3. That stat graph is mighty impressive!! No wonder so many people stop by and see what you’re up to because you make such great things … but then you know I’m a fan 🙂

  4. I check my stats too frequently. It’s fun to see that there’re sometimes visitors from e.g. Malaysia, Brasil,Taiwan.. and as I discovered: fabric manufacturers read blogs too:)But in answer to your question: hi again from the Netherlands!

  5. Another bloglines reader. I use to comment but realised a year ago that I was going to have to stop reading and commenting or throw everything in a reader and quickly read that way. I really should comment more often because I know what it means to me.

  6. Mary, I have your blog on “My Yahoo”, so I read it everyday. I am impressed by all your donations and the beautiful work you do. I belong to another Yahoo group dedicated to making “vintage-look” quilts from stash. The idea is to used up what we have without buying anything new. The group is called “Scraps and Strings”.NCQuilter

  7. Mary – Your blog is on my must-read list. I love seeing your work. There are a couple of quilts that I want to attempt myself – just haven’t gotten up the nerve yet! I’ll be out here lurking, even if I don’t comment.

  8. Mary, you’ve been on my sidebar links for months. I hope it brings lots of traffic to your wonderful site. You update nearly everyday so it’s a must-read for me.

  9. I confess, I am a speed Blogreader:) I have a huge list that I hit daily as I try to beat the clock to get to work. Sometimes I steal a few minutes to comment, soetines I have a left clic finger on steroids:)BUT… Love the blog! And I want to know if Im NUMBER 4 who want to hear about the adventures of the SISTERS!!!!And btw… wheres my postcards?

  10. It’s the first time I found your blog, all the way from England, and I really enjoyed having a look around. Keep up the good work, as I wonder how you find so much energy, and finish so many things.Pascale, from the UK

  11. Mary,I check your blog often as you create beautiful quilts and postcards. I also have used your patterns on your website for donations quilts…thanks for being so very generous with your talents!

  12. Hi, I just discovered your blog and maryquilts.com ! Thank you for all the great quilt photos and the instructions. I sent the site to 2 friends. I really enjoy your site…..Have you seen the books by Melody Crust. She was at the NW Portland Quilters quild meeting this month and was very inspirting…..beading on fabric. I have QuiltToppings…..embellishment techniques. She also has a nice website.Betty

  13. I read your blog whenever I read all the rest, and do so enjoy all you write and the great photos. keep up the good work. I will be in Mn. sometime this summer. looking forward to seeing all the beautiful places and hope I will get to at least one fabric shop. Thay will be great!!!

  14. Mary, I read your blog everyday, I just enjoy your outlook on life, your simple joys from small things. Totally amazes me how much quilting you accomplish and every quilt is beautiful. I’ve not taken the time to tell you “thank you” for creating the HeartStrings group and all that you do to keep it a safe and happly place to be.Julia, NE

  15. Mary, I hope you and Deb are having a great time! I stop by everyday…and try to comment more than once a week. Still getting up the courage to do wonky feathers tho! lolol

  16. I read your blog daily and leave comments often, I look forward to your post you have so many irons in the fire at one time. I like to check my count to so stop by for a visit and a comment.

  17. HI Mary!You write one of my favorite blogs, so I guess it is odd that I don’t comment more often. Thanks for all the inspiration I receive from you as you share your quilts. I am in a similar situation: My kids are grown; I’m retired (sort of); quilting for charity is what I do. I’m trying to squeeze in a personal quilt once or twice a year, but basically, quilts for charity is my thing. I appreciated your post on a similar perspective recently.Blessings,Linda H

  18. Hi Mary-I click here at least once a day, so last month I guess I was responsible for 31 of those hits.You are extremely inspiring, with your beautiful quilts, and your tireless productivity. Thanks so much.PeeWee in NYC

  19. I’ve been following your blog quite a while. It’s great and just the type of quilts that attract me! Scrap and patchwork.I also love seeing picture of Mpls – I used to work at MCC off of Loring park – it sure looks different now – but it reminds me of then too.Thanks for all the awesome patterns and techniques you post on your blog and to Stashbusters – great ideas!doni in Nebraska

  20. Good Morning Mary,I read your blog frequently throughout my day (could I be a major contributor to your January stats?). I’ve enjoyed following you as you create your projects!

  21. I have to confess to checking my stats too and wondering about the people who come everyday and don’t comment.I think I’ve told you that your blog was the first quilting blog I ever read.

  22. I don’t get it either…I too read my stats….I get one maybe two comments. BIG SIGH!!!! Maybe I’ll make a similar post on my blog…seems to have worked!

  23. I’ve been reading your blog for about a month. I found you through Quiltville. I got the pajama quilter DVD and I’m reviewing it now. I’m afraid, I’m not as fluid with my domestic as you, but I have free motioned some wonky feathers and I’m getting the hang of it. Your work is inspiring…

  24. I’ve been visiting your blog once a week for over a year now and am always eager to see what you are up to! Love your work …. there is so much inspiration that you share.

  25. I don’t really know how to watch my blog stats, but I did put a little trial map on my blog this week – DH has been having fun keeping track of the countries – 14 of them so far. I might not keep it, but it is very interesting to see!Cheers!Evelyn

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