I’m so excited!

My Kindle is supposed to come tomorrow. Last night I shopped for a couple books so I’ll be ready to read when it arrives. One of the coolest features is that I can download the first chapter of a book and before I decide if I want to buy it….if I do, it’s there in seconds with the touch of a button!

On my trip home from Deb’s I had a book with me that I realized I’d finish reading before getting home so I bought another one in the airport….unfortunately I finished that one too and ran out of reading material before getting home. The Kindle will solve that problem for me – I’ll never run out of read material.

On today’s list:
Load and quilt a donated HeartStrings top
Get a binding on the Coins quilt and start to stitch it down.

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  1. Now this sounds interesting. Is it able to read to you so you can listen while you quilt. I use a lot of books on CD. I also load them to my MP3 Player for travel and walking time. I use the local libraries a lot. My latest interest is in a subscription to Fons & Porters “Love of Quilting” magazine.

  2. Coming here to visit you is such a treat! Always so many interesting things to see & read. Thankyou for taking the time to post it all.

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