UFO # 10

Not much going on today. I bound and labeled the strippie quilt which will be donated to Project Linus as part of HeartString’s January project. That makes 10 UFO’s completed so far. I don’t know how I can get so much done and yet feel so far behind already. (I did take time to play with postcards tonight.) The close up shows just how cute this simple quilt is.

8 thoughts on “UFO # 10

  1. Hi Mary,The dragon fly strippie is so adorable! You are inspiring me, maybe I will machine quilt one of these days. I ordered Dawn’s PJ quilting DVD so I am hoping to get brave and try it.Thanks for your blog!Karen


  2. i see dwirling! you’ve gotten downright professional at dwirling! and it was an excellent choice – gives the impression of the little whirly lines you see behind cartoon dragonflies to indicate their erratic flight pattern. love it!


  3. Beautiful quilts, Mary! The dragonflies are adorable. What batting do you use? Your quilting is so lush and plush. How neat to bless a little one with such a special quilt.


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