String quilts

I love it when other quilters and bloggers are inspired to make string quilts and share their results with me.

Saska, at AklaCookiemaker Quilts worked with her local guild to make 17 quilts that will be donated to a local youth shelter. Make sure you click the photo to see a larger view!

You can see another string quilt at Mamaspark’s World – another group effort using the HeartStrings logo designed by Forest Jane.

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I got my wish – it’s snowing!

I walked to the townhouse for the inspection this afternoon and it snowed just for me! The inspection went great – just some minor things that we probably won’t even ask them to address.

After crossing downtown, I walked the last stretch along the river.

You can see the townhouses on the far left (our unit is NOT on the river).

I took this photo on the walk back – you can see the small park that’s right on the river coming out of our development.

Climbing the stairs on the right – brings me back up to the bridge.

I stopped for a while at the library and had a cup of coffee and read a while (yep, I had my Kindle tucked in my bag).

And finally, arriving back at the apartment.

I HATE to exercise but I LOVE walking. This was a nice 3 mile loop (1.5 miles each way) on a beautiful snowy day.

Keith comes home tomorrow late afternoon!

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Inspection time

I’m getting ready to walk over to the townhouse to meet the inspector. I’m going to take a tape measure with me and check out a few measurements. It’s just 1.5 miles so it will be a nice walk over and back and I was hoping it would snow but other than a few flakes when I took Chesty to the park earlier – nothing! Hopefully nothing bad will come up on the inspection – cross your fingers!

I finished the quilting on this donated top from Annie this afternoon. I used Mountain Mist Cream Rose for batting but although it’s a very nice batting, I won’t be buying another roll. It just doesn’t have the same loft as the Hobbs 80/20 and it’s more expensive. I like the texture and definition that the 80/20 gives to quilting.

I know it’s hard to believe but I don’t have a fabric that works for the binding of the top I quilted earlier in the week so I decided to use some leftover binding bits and do a scrappy one. There’s a lot of orange in that quilt so I’m thinking about cutting a few strips of orange to throw in but I haven’t decided for sure.


I loaded a donated HeartStrings top from Annie this afternoon and am quilting it with a pantograph called Improved Clamshell by Kathie James. This one’s not for the faint of heart – you need to be able to quilt both smoothly and accurately but it looks good.

As you can see, I’m still avoiding assembling this top that’s been on the design wall since January. It’s on this week’s list – I hope I can make myself sew these blocks together.

You’d think I wouldn’t have but so much mess – we’ve just been here for 14-15 months but this is my supply closet in my longarm room. I’m in and out of here constantly and as you can see it needs sorting in a bad way.

And just because I realized it’s been a long time since I’ve shared a photo of Chesty, here he is catching some afternoon sunshine. Poor thing, he wasn’t thrilled about the move the Minneapolis but I hope this one won’t be too traumatic.

I’m taking a break from work now. I’m going to curl up with Chesty and read for a while. It’s what I do best when I’m stressed!

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UFO # 12

Although you can’t tell in this photo, the sky is blue today with fluffy white clouds. It’s still cold but it’s beautiful outside.

This is one of the tops I pieced from Chinese Coins sections donated to HeartStrings – it will go to Tennessee for donation. I still have one more Coins top to quilt and more coins to piece into tops.

I plan on loading another quilt this afternoon – so I still have a good chance of getting through my *to do* list for the week.

There’s a lot of sorting and packing to do so I expect that to slow me down but I hope to continue to make progress with my quilting over the next few weeks. We’ll probably have most of the packing done by the moving company but there’s a lot of my quilting stuff that I need to go through and pack myself.

Plus, I’m determined to go through my clothing and donate things I haven’t worn in years. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to declutter – I brought things here to Minneapolis that I should have donated or disposed of during the move last year. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and emails from those of you who are going through the *stuff* in your lives and removing excess clutter. If we didn’t move so often I’m sure I’d be completely buried. At least I’m forced to sort and donate when we move.

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It’s official – we’re moving

Of course we still have the inspection and the appraisal but I don’t expect issues with either. We got the signed Purchase Agreement back today.

I also finished the binding on the Chinese Coins quilt – that’s UFO #12 for the year. I’ll get a photo of it tomorrow – on the balcony since everyone seems to like those best.

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Quilt donations

Do you remember the tornadoes in the south earlier this month? HeartString members have wanted to send quilts to those affected but we make sure we contact an individual or organization directly to ensure the quilts will go to those in need.

Thanks to Sarah and Pam we have contact information to send quilts.

So on today’s agenda will be binding the Chinese Coins quilt on my *to do* list so I can send off two quilts this week.

Although our offer has been accepted on the townhouse, we’re still waiting for the signed agreement. I’m going nuts because interest rates are climbing as we sit and wait and we can’t lock our rate in until we have the contract.

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