Stashbusting report PLUS

Not much to report – I used stash for a binding, some postcards, and some applique circles this week. I cut a strippie quilt from stash too but haven’t put it together yet. No fabric purchases other than the backing I already reported to you.

I’ve been reading about Patsy Thompson’s quilting DVD’s from Helen and after taking a look at her webpage I subscribed to her blog. Look at this blog entry 0n her new DVD. I really like some of these designs – maybe this DVD will have to go on my wish list too.

I had written something negative here but I decided to delete it – I have to remind myself that the positives of belonging to this online community outweigh the negatives. For example, I’ve been admiring the scrapbook pages and work with photos that Suzanne has been sharing on her blog and after commenting, she shared a link with me – a tutorial for selectively re-coloring part of a photograph.

The Super Bowl is over, I’m going to watch House and then finish the beading on my postcard. I did manage to load and start quilting another HeartStrings top this weekend but it won’t be finished until tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Mary, I’m beginning to try to teach myself free motion. I bought a couple of Patsy Thompson’s DVD’s, and I really like them alot. The one on feathers is really cool, but it’ll be a long time before I can do that!

  2. I have several of Patsy’s DVDs and they are well worth the price paid! I was doing feathers immediately – granted I’m sure they will get better with time but they look a lot better than i would have expected them to!

  3. I bought both Fast & Free from Patsy. They are great. The first one was a little remedial but I think it’s only because I have watch Pajama Quilter so many times now. Definitely worth the investment. I can’t wait for my birthday – I’m hinting for the Leaves & Feathers. 🙂

  4. Want to say that I like your blog, you always have great inspirational ideas for me to try, like the postcards.I like the pic of you recoloring the photo. Would you mind sharing the tutorial.

  5. Isn’t recoloring pics fun? Have you checked your camera? After a year, I finally read the manual… and I can actually set the camera to take the photo that way!

  6. Hi MaryThanks for the link to Patty Thompson. Her designs are amazing. Great food for thought.LisaPS The circles you appliqued on the quilt that ran look just great. What a clever idea.

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