Moving on to other quilts

I’m done working on the HeartStrings quilts for Project Linus – here’s a stack of 7 quilts that I finished up all washed and ready to donate. Included are tops that were given to me to quilt by Mom, Barbara in FL, and Deb in AZ as well as a couple of mine.

I loaded and started quilting another HeartStrings top pieced by Sue. I had intended to use a pantograph – Ebb and Flow, but I decided I didn’t want to quilt across the gold stars with the dark thread. However, I still wanted an allover wavy line kind of quilting like Dwirling . I’m not sure I’m thrilled with it since I’m going up around the stars and I had more in mind just a side to side motion but I think it will look fine when it’s done.


  1. Wow, what a pile. You are very prolific in your quilting, Mary. And I know these quilts bring alot of love to the people that receive them. Good for you! I really like the wavy lines.

  2. Very pretty. Mary could you post a photo of the whole r/w/b quilt (Sue’s)… it’s so pretty.Does your Linus group accept quilts that have the HeartString label? The local Linus group here won’t take quilts that have another label on them … all have to have the official Linus label.

  3. I read Sandy’s comment in disbelief. I am sure needy people care less about the label! Love all those quilts Mary. You are so generous with your time.

  4. I think your quilt looks great. The wavy lines combine with the stars and blue and red to evoke a flag waving in the breeze.I made five quilts for Project Linus last month, and let me say, I am so envious of people with access to longarm machines! Would have made all that machine quilting so much easier.

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