The last postcards for Valentine’s Day

I learned a lesson or two on this first card… one being to make sure I have enough beads. I didn’t have enough of the red ones to go all the way around but found one that looked similar. Since it’s on the (L) side of the key I don’t think its too obvious (and even if it was, I’m not taking it out!).

The second one is a simple one I made tonight. I must be a little brain dead because I felt it was too plain but couldn’t think of what else I could do. Rather than risk *ruining* it – I decided to just stop and consider it done.

I think my favorite one of the five I made was the one Deb and I sent to Mom.

I got the postcard Deb sent me in the mail yesterday – it’s very cute!


  1. Mary,I stumbled onto your blog (I like to hit “next blog” a lot) and I really like what you are doing with the quilts. I too quilt (not much, I’ve only made 4 and I seem to keep giving them away). I think the HeartString project is great. Keep up Bianca WardEagan, MN

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