More Beanies and UFO #11

How fun is this? After seeing a donation quilt I had attached a stuffed animal to (from the Pajama Quilter DVD), Norece and her Mom wrote and offered to send me more beanies from TN. Between these and others I received from Dawn and Fran, I’ll have plenty to add to donation quilts for at least a couple years!

Here’s the finished HeartStrings quilt – it’s been bound, labeled, washed, and is packed to send off to Fran who is collecting quilts for a group of soldiers returning from Iraq. This top was pieced by Sue Frank from blocks donated to the HeartStrings Quilt Project. Since it was here waiting for me to finish it at the beginning of the year, it does count as a completed UFO. I’m glad to have one more done!

I know I show lots of HeartString quilts on my blog but I can’t tell you how much I love being a part of this group that is making and donating quilts to so many individuals in need, charitable organizations, and those injured or serving in our military.


  1. Please…. DO NOT apologize for showing off the Heartstrings quilts. They’re beautiful and inspiring and so very meaningful!I am constantly amazed at the variety of quilts that come from the string-pieced pattern instructions!!

  2. Please don’t stop showing all the Heartstrings Quilts you do – I love seeing them. I particularly like the stars on this one – another great idea!

  3. I have been wanting to make a quilt for one of the service organizations for the injured soldiers.Really like this idea alot!Which organization do you send them to?What size did you make this?thanksKathie

  4. What a beautiful quilt. The stars really set it off. The people who receive the quilts you make are truly lucky. I’m sure when they receive them it lights up their day. Please continue sharing your photos. Quilty hugs. :o)

  5. Dear Mary,I read your blog a couple times a day. Your quilting inspires me. The stars on this one make it look even more patriotic. Your quilting with the dwirling-type waves really accentuates the look. Great job!~Joan

  6. I love seeing all the beautiful quilts. You have such an eye for color and your quilting is wonderful. Thank you for sharing and inspiring others!

  7. Tbis is a beautiful quilt, and you don’t need to apologize for doing so many. I think what you are doing with them is wonderful! And the beanies are precious! Re, remember when they were so hard to come by if they were bears? lol

  8. Keep them coming Mary, we’re not by far tired of seeing them! It only amazes me that you have the kindness (and energy)to make so many quilts and GIVE THEM AWAY! By the time you’re finally finished, your whole country can sleep under a donated quilt. You rock!

  9. WOW, what a very striking punch those bold stars add!!! I love the way Sue put these blocks together!!! I must say that often I feel intimidated to making a quilt for a soldier….. that what I’d make wouldn’t be adaquate or nice enough… However, after seeing this quilt and knowing how easy strings are, I can feel confident that I could make a quilt to tell him/her “THANKS” and do so in a proper way! 😉 Again, it is BEAUTIFUL!Love from Texas! ~bonnie

  10. Mary—NEVER apologize for all the good things you do! We all admire you for your continued efforts. I love seeing all the different combinations of colors and I especially love the stars in the sashing of this one. You are an inspiration to more than you think–so keep on showing the quilts! 🙂

  11. Well, I check every day to see more of your gorgeous heartstring quilts!! You do great work, and should feel nothing but pride and contentment with your results.

  12. Mary, that quilt is stunning!I love that everyone is being so generous with the toys for the quilts. My only hesitation is with beans- they can be so dangerous to little ones, if they leak.

  13. Hi MaryYour beautiful heartstrings quilts not only bless those who receive them, but also those of us who get to see them and get inspired by them. I’ve completed 4 as of now for donations and have passed on your beautiful works to my quilt guild. Thanks againShari in AZ

  14. Another great quilt. I’ve gotten behind in blog reading, but I love your idea of putting circles on your quilt – looks great! I also like the beanie babies idea – I have plenty of those, but I’m afraid to attach them yet! Also saw your site meter showing a steady increase in your readership. That’s wonderful.

  15. The quilt looks great! You should be proud of all you do…I know I am proud of you! Hope the closing is going well…love to the boys and Becky.

  16. Yay! I finally figured out how to blog! I couldn’t post before adding an gmail account. Mary, I love your quilts. You have a very kind heart to make so many quilts and donate them. Quite an inspiration! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!Love the beanie baby addition : )Jeannie

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