A little quilting

Today we looked at a couple townhouses so I didn’t get much quilting done but I did make a start on Nann’s quilt. I’ll finish it in the next couple days in between working on some other things including trying to get the rest of my tax stuff ready to send off to my BIL.

My stashbusting report is pretty lame this week. With the trip to Georgia, the only thing I finished was the RWB HeartStrings quilt and I only used 3/4 of a yard of my stash to make the backing large enough.

I bought 3 yards of fabric – I decided I needed some kiddie prints for making a few quick donation quilts.

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5 thoughts on “A little quilting

  1. these THs look so nice and rather new. I like that they are brick. 😉 And more importantly I bet Chesty is liking the idea of not having to wait for an elevator to go tinkle!!! LOL 🙂Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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