Moving? Maybe

I’m quilting a donation top of Nann’s using Popcorn by Willow Leaf Studios. This one looks like clouds to me and I think it suits this top well. I did give Nann the choice of several pantographs.

We’ve made an offer and a counteroffer on one of the townhouses – we’ll see if they accept our 2nd offer but if not, we’ll just make an offer on the one right next door. If we end up moving in March you can bet I won’t be getting much quilting done. We’ve only been here 14 months but I am SUCH a pack-rat!

7 thoughts on “Moving? Maybe

  1. I agree with Sandy…we need details, Mary! Fingers crossed that the counteroffer on the townhouse will fly. Moving is no fun, but having your own space is SO important!


  2. Hmmm. You can’t have that much stuff! I’ve lived in our house 16 years and I hate to think what I’d unearth if I started packing things up. In any case, you won’t be moving too far, right?


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