Still waiting

The sellers tried to come back with another counteroffer on the townhouse but we refused. They can either accept our last offer or on Wednesday we’re going to place an offer on the one next door.

Our realtor seems to think there’s a good chance they’ll accept….it’s nice to be in the driver’s seat for a change but I’ll be happy with either one.

I also had a tiny ray of hope on the condo in Georgia. There was a couple in FL that looked at it and liked it but they’re going to take a week to decide if they want to make an offer. That’s probably too much to hope for but we’ll see.

I got more quilting done on Nann’s top and started digging through the pile of paper on my desk. Tonight, I have tax stuff to work on – ugh!

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  1. Good luck! How awesome would it be to sell the GA condo and get the townhouse you want there?? Sending lots of good thoughts your way!

  2. Here’s hoping both deals work out, Mary. What is WITH those sellers, anyway? Haven’t they heard the housing market is soft for sellers?!

  3. I hope you sell the Georgie condo. I thought there was another property put there. Won’t it be nice to be out from under all this extra real estate?Hope you get the condo you want. It really is a buyers market. Maybe you need to get both and have one as your sewing condo!! LOL

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