paralyzed – a definition

“to bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act”

This definition of paralyzed from describes me exactly. I hate waiting. HATE, HATE, HATE it.

I need to be quilting, piecing, and even cleaning but I work a bit and then get distracted again thinking about moving and everything I’ll need to get done if we do buy one of these townhouses. I just want to buy or not buy and get back to work.

Of course, I’m doing some long overdue cleaning (thanks to reading Keryn’s blog last night night) and have a pile of laundry in process so I’ll admit I’m fairly easily distracted. Have I ever mentioned I HATE cleaning and doing laundry, and while I’m listing things I hate – grocery shopping. I can’t tell you how often we go out to eat because I haven’t made myself go to the grocery store. Guess what’s for dinner? Nothing – I’ve got nothing here I can fix tonight.

Can you hear me whining?

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  1. I hear you girlfriend!!! and here all this time I thought maybe something was wrong with me… but see I’m “normal” like you after all 😉 I have never liked going to the grocery – before kids, I use to blame it on not knowing where everything was in a store b/c we moved so often….however we have been in this house the longest – 3 years now… but I still don’t like going!I thought of you this am when checking the weather channel to see if Nora and the babies should wear warm or cool weather clothes. I see it is verrry chilly where you are! buuuurrr! and i said to myself, I hope Mary gets the town house with the best dependable heater! 😉Hey the house on the corner across from me is for sale – you could move down here and forget about all that snow! 😉Love from Texas!!! ~bonnie

  2. Hoo-boy, can I relate! I hate cleaning and grocery shopping…and cooking, too! If I were rich, I’d have a cook and housekeeper, for sure.Keeping my fingers crossed that one of the townhouses works out…and soon!

  3. It is ok to whine. I was doing it before napping with the baby this eve. Mac n’cheese for dinner, that is the best I can do!(Spring Break, in these parts!) I am awaiting a new sewing machine I would rather be sewing than dreaming about using one! You are in my thoughts. I was lining cupboards this past weekend!!

  4. Move over girlfriend…I am with you on all accounts…but I love a clean house, a nicely stocked pantry, and freshly folded laundry! There is nothing I like more that the cleanest house on the block and time on my hands! Dreaming here! just dreaming!We have lived in the same house for 24 years, I we HATE moving at this point!Pam@

  5. I know what you mean Mary! Nann’s quilt turned out great- wonderful quilting job – I know you will feel better once you get a final answer on this moving where question.

  6. Whine away. Waiting is nerve racking. I only clean when I am really angry and need to redirect my anger. I leave the grocery shopping to my DH. He is retired and has more time. Find a project that you must really focus on to get done. Maybe it will take your mind off the waiting.

  7. Oh Mary! I sooo relate to your cleaning woes, & also the laundry, ironing- except if it is for quilts- & the damn housework in general. I think we should get someone in, to do it! Now I am ‘officially Old’ I think we would qualify, but I am ashamed since I could do it if I tried.

  8. Waiting is terrible, hopefully your wait will be over soon. I’m with you on hating cleaning, I’ve got washing to hang out and a floor waiting to be mopped as I type *sigh*

  9. Thank you for whining… and please add me to the list of those who love the results of cleaning but hate the process itself! I don’t mind doing laundry so much but I despise ironing and grocery shopping ~ BLEAH!Uncertainty is NOT fun either.So whine away ~ we understand!

  10. Me too! Laundry is the worse! And cooking comes a close second. We are having sashimi tonight for dinner. How much cooking do I have to do for sashim?!

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