We thought things were set but…

We lost out on the first townhouse. The sellers had a contingency offer that was based on another buyer selling their condo so the were going to accept our offer but the buyer had 72 hours to removed the contingency and purchase the property – which they they did. Bummer.

We’ve already made an offer on the unit next door so we’re back to waiting. Cross your fingers that we get this one!

Here’s a cool satellite photo of the townhouse community we’re trying to buy in. That’s the Mississippi River you seen in the photo and Minneapolis has a great set of bike paths and walkways called Grand Rounds that goes all along the river with both state and local parks along the way. Click on the photo for a more detailed view.

8 thoughts on “We thought things were set but…

  1. Holding my breath for you! Well, maybe I better not do that. If it takes to long I could pass out and then I would miss out on some quilting time. lol I’ll keep my fingers crossed instead. Nope can’t do that either, then I can’t quilt. I’ll just be hoping and wishing for the best. :o)I know nothing about this area, where is this in reference to the bridge that collapsed last year?


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