I forgot to tell you about my latest stupid mistake

I got distracted with all the townhouse stuff but I meant to confess a big mistake I made on Nann’s donation top.

Both the top and backing were directional and I laid both out to make sure I had them going in the same direction. I then picked up the backing and added fabric to make it long enough to load on the longarm (Nann had send the fabric along with the top and backing) and manage to load the backing and top in opposite directions and started quilting. I was halfway done with the quilting before I realized my error.

I was so upset but Nann was very gracious when I emailed her pictures of the quilting and backing and explained what I’d done. It’s just another reason why I have no desire to quilt for hire – if it had been one of my quilts I would have just said to myself “oh well” and not worried about it.

If you click on the photo you can see that the lighthouse fabric on the back is going in the same direction when it’s flipped over like this but if you are holding the quilt up from the back – they’re upside down.

10 thoughts on “I forgot to tell you about my latest stupid mistake

  1. But the only way you would see the back and the front is if a corner was “folded over” right? and if you did that the lighthouses would be right side up! Sounds more like a very clever planned “mistake” 😉 Congrats on the townhouse – how long does closing take there? I was in Minneapolis for market a few years back – very nice city – but cold!!!


  2. I’ve had people ask for it both ways. Some want them going the same direction and some want it so that if you flip the backing up, the design is right so I don’t think it’s as bas as you probably feel it is.


  3. I think your quilt is absolutely beautiful and you put so much effort into it….whoever is the recipient of that will be more than lucky to have it and Im sure they wont pay attention to the back bieng upside down..like pam said you cant use both sides at one time…….


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