I need a LIST

I haven’t done any quilting or piecing since finishing Nann’s quilt on Tuesday. I obviously need a new list so I’ll get something done this week. Since I’ll still have lots of things to do related to buying the townhouse (inspections, getting the mortgage, working to get out of my lease) I won’t make it too ambitious and if I don’t get it all done I’ll be OK with that.

1) Bind the Chinese Coins quilt (it’s been waiting a LONG time)
2) Quilt the 2nd top donated by Sandra and Stashbusters
3) Quilt the 2nd HeartStrings top pieced by Annie
4) Assemble the crumb/string/heart quilt (the blocks have been on the design wall for a month)

Wish me luck! Keith will be in Denmark from Sunday – Friday so that will help.

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  1. The list will help. I didn’t make a list after my trip to Baltimore and I felt totally disjointed all weekend. This weekend, with the over-the-top list, I’m doing much better!

  2. It would not have bothered me at all about the backing being a different direction than the top. Good to make a list, but, better to not beat yourself up about it either-you have quite a lot on your plate right now!

  3. I am a little afraid of having to move yet again… I just never know if one day Canada won’t renew my paperwork, so I really try to be prepared. I am on a big no-buying kick and de-cluttering, organizing, filing everything else. Good luck with your latest move – and hopefully you will be staying put for longer this time around!!!Cheers!Evelyn

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