Quilt donations

Do you remember the tornadoes in the south earlier this month? HeartString members have wanted to send quilts to those affected but we make sure we contact an individual or organization directly to ensure the quilts will go to those in need.

Thanks to Sarah and Pam we have contact information to send quilts.

So on today’s agenda will be binding the Chinese Coins quilt on my *to do* list so I can send off two quilts this week.

Although our offer has been accepted on the townhouse, we’re still waiting for the signed agreement. I’m going nuts because interest rates are climbing as we sit and wait and we can’t lock our rate in until we have the contract.

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  1. That’s the problem with relo companies, they take their sweet time but if you are delayed on anything for even a day, they want to charge you for it! Good luck – it will probably be frustrating but I’m sure it will work out fine and before you know it you’ll be quilting in your new townhouse!

  2. Catching up with you – you’ve been busy in the last couple weeks. Maybe not busy with lots of quilting but certainly “mentally busy” with trying to buy a townhouse. I’ve got my fingers crossed that this goes OK for you. Buying a residence has got to be one of the most stressful things we every do as adults.

  3. You have such a wonderful heart ~ bless you for all you do!I worked in a real estate office for many years and currently work in a law firm where much r.e. work is done (fortunately not involving me). I really do feel for you while you wait…

  4. I am hand sewing a binding down now. I am so frustated at how long it is taking me. How far apart do you space your stitches? How long does it take you on average? This is a queen size and has a diamond edge so is really longer then a queen size. I think light has been an issue and am trying to get a better light source going. Help! LOLI hope you get your contract soon on the townhouse. How soon would you move?

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