UFO # 12

Although you can’t tell in this photo, the sky is blue today with fluffy white clouds. It’s still cold but it’s beautiful outside.

This is one of the tops I pieced from Chinese Coins sections donated to HeartStrings – it will go to Tennessee for donation. I still have one more Coins top to quilt and more coins to piece into tops.

I plan on loading another quilt this afternoon – so I still have a good chance of getting through my *to do* list for the week.

There’s a lot of sorting and packing to do so I expect that to slow me down but I hope to continue to make progress with my quilting over the next few weeks. We’ll probably have most of the packing done by the moving company but there’s a lot of my quilting stuff that I need to go through and pack myself.

Plus, I’m determined to go through my clothing and donate things I haven’t worn in years. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to declutter – I brought things here to Minneapolis that I should have donated or disposed of during the move last year. I’ve gotten a lot of comments and emails from those of you who are going through the *stuff* in your lives and removing excess clutter. If we didn’t move so often I’m sure I’d be completely buried. At least I’m forced to sort and donate when we move.

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  1. When Chris was in the navy we moved about every 4 years and it was great. I purged before every move. We have been in our current house 10 years and the clutter (my clutter) drives me nuts. Periodically have have to take a trash bag or a donation box around the house and just fill it. It’s great therapy!

  2. I love that pantograph, but it’s not for me – not for a long while yet. I’m just not that smooth a lot of the time.I just can’t imagine moving that often. We will have been in this house 34 years come July 5th. The thought of having to move is more like a nightmare – because of all the stuff we have accumulated. Nothing I want to toss however – quilting stuff and books.

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