I got my wish – it’s snowing!

I walked to the townhouse for the inspection this afternoon and it snowed just for me! The inspection went great – just some minor things that we probably won’t even ask them to address.

After crossing downtown, I walked the last stretch along the river.

You can see the townhouses on the far left (our unit is NOT on the river).

I took this photo on the walk back – you can see the small park that’s right on the river coming out of our development.

Climbing the stairs on the right – brings me back up to the bridge.

I stopped for a while at the library and had a cup of coffee and read a while (yep, I had my Kindle tucked in my bag).

And finally, arriving back at the apartment.

I HATE to exercise but I LOVE walking. This was a nice 3 mile loop (1.5 miles each way) on a beautiful snowy day.

Keith comes home tomorrow late afternoon!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful place to live, Mary. So glad the inspection went well. And thanks for the lovely walk home through the snow!

  2. It has snowed soooooo much here I am sick of it! The drive into work took me over an hour (usually 20 min!) FYI, I put the heart string quilt up on the blog come on over and take a look. My church ladies did a fine job!

  3. Thanks for taking us along on your walk. It looks so pretty when it’s falling. Glad things are working out with the condo. It looks like a lovely area to live.

  4. ooo It looks very pretty.Here in New Zealand where I live we don’t get snow – I can only imagine what it must be like to walk in it.Thanks for the walk.Next week I’ll take my camera & do the same – we are at the end of a hot, dry summer so it can warm you a bit.Love Leanne NZ

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