It’s Sunday

Keith and I spent several hours wandering around today. We stopped by the Foshay Tower for brunch and then walked over to look at the outside of the townhouse we’re buying. From there we wandered up the river about a mile to the site of his company’s new US Headquarters where they’ll be breaking ground on the new building this week.

Dinner is in the crockpot and I’m going to go load a HeartStrings top on the longarm.

Some of you were right. In this photo, I’m standing between Mom and Deb – of the 6 kids I’m the 4th oldest. I bet you can tell who’s the oldest from looking at the photo again!

Sunday’s report:

  • I quilted two donated tops for HeartStrings – the only fabric of mine on these two will be the bindings which I’ve pulled but not sewn yet.
  • I finished binding the Coins quilt – although that top has been pieced for a while, the border, sashing, and binding on that one was from stash.
  • No fabric added to my stash this week.

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  1. I was wrong, but all 3 of those young cuties look like they could be you. Check out my blog; I tagged you for something that should be easy to do.

  2. I just loved your picture. It reminded me of that time when people got dressed for church down to the little white ruffled socks and gloves. Happy memory that!

  3. Your picture brought back such good memories. Mom and I had matching dresses, and we always, always wore glove to church back then. Everyone is so very casual nowadays – I miss getting dressed up. We even spiffed up to go into the city to shop!

  4. I got such a kick out of you going to the Foshay Tower for lunch. When I was in the 8th grade(late 40’s) a group of us from the country schools went to “the cities” for a field trip. We were amazed at such a tall building the Foshay Tower was!! It is dwarfed by so very many other buildings now. We also went through the MN capitol and MN museum. My husband went on a trip there also. Thanks for our walk down memory lane.

  5. Are we related?? I am the 4th kid and my mom had the kids the same exact way. My sister is the oldest, then my 2 brothers, then 3 girls 3 years apart. 6 kids! It’s so weird that they are so similar…could have been my family picture!

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