As much as I like lists for my quilting, you know I have multiple lists for moving – right? Today I spend a good bit of time working on those lists and even checking off some things.

The big ones for today ~ setting up appointments for 2 moving companies to give me estimates for moving, setting up the homeowners insurance for the new townhouse, and making an appointment for the furnace to be checked and serviced on Friday.

I also managed to ship off two HeartStrings quilts to TN for tornado victims AND quilted a HeartStrings top for Nancy in CT. I did freehand swirls on this one.

Later tonight I’ll sew together a couple more rows on the Hearts and Strings quilt.


  1. Moving is a pain! that’s why I plant myself hopefully for many years at a time.The swirls look great…why freehand them when the CL template is so easy???

  2. It’s nice to see that there are fellow list makers out there! Hope the move goes smoothly, your freehand swirls are wonderful.

  3. I love the swirls in your quilt. Moving can be such a stressful time I think you are wise making lists. So much to do and think about. Good luck

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