Cleaning again

I’ve been trying to clean and straighten the apartment before having the moving companies come in to give estimates. One was here this afternoon and the other comes tomorrow. I will definitely have them do the packing since the estimate is in my *budget* but I had some bad news………….I kind of figured this out for myself last night but it was confirmed today.

My fabric shelves will have to come apart for the move. Besides being too unstable to move without breaking them….I’m fairly sure they are too big to get up the stairs in the townhouse anyway. You only see about half of them in this photo – there are two units and they cover the entire wall.

I took a quick look on the Ikea site and luckily they have assembly instructions posted because you know I threw them away after getting these together. I just hope they’ll go back together after being disassembled.


  1. We just moved two of those Expedit shelves from upstairs to down and they were a cinch. I would suggest that if they need to be laid down on their fronts, that something go underneath to protect the finish. One of mine got scratched up and I had to turn it around. Don’t you just love the shelves, though?

  2. This is a good time for the digital camera. Take photographs of the parts and fasteners as you remove them. Then you can put it back together in reverse photo order!

  3. they will go back together in a cinch! Anywhere there is a little wiggle, put yellow carpenters glue in the hole, tightens up wonderfully.

  4. Mary, Your shelves and qm look so great where they are, too bad they have to be moved. I may have to move my set up to another area of the house and am currently playing with graph paper to see how things work out. How much room do you allow on either side of your quilting machine to be able to walk around and mount the quilts?

  5. I have those shelves and the movers that we had moved them in one piece. one was damaged a bit in the move, but I wasn’t too surprised because they are chipboard. (the movers will replace it, too, so lucky for me they still make them!)

  6. When you take the shelves apart, put the hardware in a ziploc bag, roll the top of the bag down, and tape the baggie to the top of one of the shelf panels. We’ve done this with our crib hardware and baby gate hardware, and it never gets lost.

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