30 minutes of progress

I’m determined to get this top done this week so although I didn’t feel like it, I sewed just long enough to get the last two rows of blocks stitched together and I’ve started sewing the rows together. I frequently sew tops together in 1/4’s but this one is more suited to being assembled in rows. A couple of the rows are sewn together so maybe another couple sessions will do it.

I’m so tired of this top being on my design wall.

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  1. go mary go!i recently rolled up my sleeves on one that had been sitting around too long, too. it isn’t finished yet, but trudging through it sure is giving me a sense of accomplishment. hope it works that way for you, too!

  2. Mary,Why do you think you’re struggling to get this top together. It’s an adorable quilt I love it. Sometimes I have a hard time getting a quilt put together if I don’t like the look of it, but this is so cute. I can’t wait to see you get it all quilted up! You can do it!!!!

  3. i’m SO proud of you! Slogging thru a project you are not JAZZED about is NOT fun. That happened to me on this last quilt (the one I did free motion feather echo on) I thought I would NEVER finish it. I got the binding on it today..YIPPPEEE! Off to whip up a label. SEE? There IS Hope!

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