It’s Friday and I’m tired. Tired of thinking – tired of planning – tired of being on the phone.

Have you ever just laid down inside your house in a patch of sunlight? I was getting ready to go out and walked by the window and felt how warm the sun was coming into the apartment. I put a quilt on the floor in that patch of sunshine and laid there just for 15 minutes. Now I’m ready to walk downtown – it’s all of 7 degrees out there now so I’m going to bundle up well!

Can you see how smushed the pillow on the chair is? Now I know why Chesty has been parking himself up there every afternoon.


  1. Chesty’s chair looks real comfty. I think I could nap in the sun there too. Sounds to me like you need to find a comfortable spot and just read, read, read….

  2. I’ve done that two different days recently with the dogs. They were soaking up the sun coming in the front door and I had to join them for a minute.One of the cushions on the back of the couch in my sewing room is permanently smooshed thanks to Katie, who thinks that is her spot. She started going up there to get away from our other dog (Toby), but pretty soon, it just became her spot because it was so perfectly formed to her body. Maggie (the new puppy) tried to climb up there the other day and we had to restrain Katie from attacking her. 🙂 (And then we made Maggie get done, it’s Katie’s spot after all!)

  3. Yes! I have sat down and enjoyed a patch of sunshine in my dining room many times. From 2-4 PM, it is the best. Rusty the poodle and I compete for it…

  4. Actually, I have a friend who swears this is the best thing to do for yourself. 15 minutes a day in the middle of a sunny floor! I can just see myself falling completely asleep and someone will walk in and think I’m dead or something!

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