Hearts and Strings

Yes, it’s finally done. Instead of waiting until bedtime to sew the last two rows I put them together when I got back from my walk so there would be enough light for a photo.

I know it seems like I didn’t enjoy making this top but I did. I just lost my momentum and found it difficult to assemble the blocks into the top – one of my least favorite parts of quilting.

edit: I gave credit when I started this quilt to Sandy Bonsib but just to be thorough, this is inspired by the quilt on the cover of her book Folk Art Quilts. While I didn’t use the instructions in the book to create my quilt – it is clearly made from her design.

Now, at the risk of you thinking I have a drinking problem….I’ll show you how I plan to celebrate finishing the top and making my airline reservations for MQS.

Since I typically go to Virginia to visit Mom for Mother’s Day, I was debating how to schedule the two trips back to back. In the end, I decided it would be easier to leave from Mom’s to go to Kansas City rather than returning to Minneapolis first.

I promise I only plan to drink 2-3 glasses….not the entire stock!

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  1. I’m with Vicki…why pack it when you can drink it???!!! you do have lots to celebrate…new home, trip to see mom, Keith’s bday (and since he isn’t there you need to drink his share as well)…the list could go on and on…at least 11 bottles worth of celebrating. I hope you know I am just kidding! I have one (or 2) glasses each night and that is my limit.Your heart quilt is wonderful…very fun…Pam@http://www.pamgwillim.com

  2. MMMMMhhhmmmm!! Now we now what’s going on! Just joshing, I love your heart quilt! Lovely, you do wonderful work. Sounds like you are making good progress organizing your move.

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