Make no mistake…..

I am very excited about the move and everything we give up will be replaced with something new or even better. PLUS we’re just moving down the road a bit so we’ll still be able to visit Loring Park it just won’t be steps outside our door and we won’t have the gorgeous views from our windows.

We move frequently and it’s always a compromise between things we give up and things we gain. As we prepare for moving – once the initial excitement wears off, we do start to see and savor the things we’ll be giving up soon.

While we can NOT see the river from the new townhouse, we’re just a very short block away. Remember these photos from a couple weeks ago? We’ll be even closer to other parks, walkways and bike paths along the Mississippi and that’s VERY exciting to me – as is being back in my own place.

My last post is just my look back before we move ahead!

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  1. I can completely relate to your post about moving. Being sad about those things left behind, and excited at the same time for the new beginning ahead of you. As a military family, we are constantly on the move…I wouldn’t have it any other way though as we have valuable friendships all over the world and have seen and experienced so much that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. 🙂

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