1. Assignment for tomorrow:A whole list of new things to explore…a list of new views from your windows…a list of new places to walk…new stores to shop…new sights and new sounds.When put in similar situations as you currently are in I find a good mix of losses and future gains. BTW…I love that view of the Basilica wow!! being a country girl I can’t imagine seeing that every day! cool!Pam@http://www.pamgwillim.com

  2. Mary,I can’t agree wtih Pam more! New pictures!!! I didn’t realize you had that AWESOME view of the Basillica every night either…lucky you!Laurie

  3. I concur with the other 2 ladies. You know the old addage. When God closes a door he opens a window. Look through the new window and get busy exploring.

  4. That IS a gorgeous view, Mary. You will soon love your new sights and sounds though too…all when it becomes “home” instead of just a new address. Best wishes!

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