Another gift

I arrived safely at Mom’s yesterday but extremely tired after not sleeping at all. With my cab coming at 3:30AM it wasn’t worth going to bed.

My mom’s sister and her husband came to visit today. He’s a talented woodworker (carpenter? wood artist?) and had made these 3 quilt blocks. My aunt let Mom and I choose one and she kept the 3rd one for herself. Aren’t they beautiful? I can’t wait to find a spot in the new townhouse for it.


  1. They are wonderful!! Another blogger posted some her hubby made at Christmas time…what a terrific gift for a quilter!My jaw dropped when I saw the clock hanging on the wall behind you. We have one exactly like it! I will blog about it soon…there is a story behind it.So glad you arrived at Mom’s…now go take a nap, you deserve it!Pam@

  2. How beautiful and unique. Reminds me of the marquetry wood-working that you can find here in the Middle East! I’ll try to post some pics. Enjoy your trip and try to catch some zzzzz’s!

  3. Those wooden quilt blocks are AWSOME! Whenever I visit Paducah, I see some similar, but they’re WAY out of budget for me! LOL! I’m glad your family appreciates the quilting craft shared by your sister, you and Mom.

  4. Very nice gift! They are beautiful. It’s amazing the “texture” you find in all sorts of objects, like making a quilt with solids.

  5. So very beautiful. What talent. And to do quilt blocks for the quilters!Get some sleep. You need your strength for the next weeks!Lois

  6. What wonderful gifts from your uncle. I’m sure you will each treasure your quilt block. Hope you had a nice visit even if it was short.

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