Judy’s having another Quiltathon today. I have some things other than quilting that need my attention but I’m working on my log cabin blocks in between.

These blocks will go faster now that I’ve figured out what I’m doing with them. The idea for this quilt came when I was working on the crumb/string blocks for my last quilt. Those weren’t *built* exactly like a log cabin but almost. Just a couple things to note:

  • All the blocks start with a red square or rectangle
  • I call these strings but in my string bins I also toss ALL my leftover strips so you’ll see a lot of strips of different widths in addition to wonky strings being used.
  • I wanted to end with a dark round so the block size ended up at 11.5 inches unfinished.

They don’t look very attractive at this stage but like most of the string quilts I do, I’m sure they’ll look better as I go along and by the time it’s quilted – I’ll probably love it. At any rate, I should be able to use up lots of strips and strings this way.


  1. mary,you continue to amaze me and inspire me…i can hardly wait for march/early april to be over so i can quilt! things are looking great!laurie

  2. I love this! I am just learning to quilt. I would like to know more about a design wall if you could share. Is there foam behind it? How do you hang your quilt blocks up? Hope you don’t mind the questions.

  3. It is impossible for a log cabin quilt block to not be pretty…and to me they are always interesting. So simple, yet you can do so much with them.

  4. I love log cabins for lights/darks! The mediums always leave me stumped! I love how yours is turning out with all the different width strings and will be looking forward to seeing the finished quilt.Cheers!Evelyn

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