1. great log cabin quilts and I really like the blocks you are working on.Nice to chose something simple but so much fun! good luck with getting more things done on your list

  2. Disco also knows exacly when dinner time is. Once he jumps up and starts whining, I can look at the clock and it’s exactly 6:30! 🙂 Of course with day light savings time, we are making some adjustments!!

  3. I saw a cute quilt. It was a maltese/poodle looking dog~ just STARING back at you. The name of the quilt was Telepathy (I think!) Don’t you think they try to WILL us to feed them? lolol I get that look all the time : FEED me….come on, Mom, you KNOW I want to eat! FEED me!

  4. I bet Chesty stood at attention till he DID get supper. Who can resist that sweet little face?What a busy, busy time for you getting ready for a move to the townhouse and closing on the house in GA and other trips in between to say nothing of quilting and piecing like a little energizer bunny! Aren’t you tired?

  5. Chesty is sooo cute! about an hour before her dinner time, my Daisy (a golden) starts to follow me around waiting for her food! Your log cabin blocks are looking good and I’m having fun with your strippie pattern 🙂 I think I sewed until the day the packers came… it’s a great way to be calm before a move!

  6. I hope Chesty didn’t have to wait too long for his dinner! *s* He’s such a cutie. I really enjoyed all of your log cabin pictures, too.

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