Winter’s last gasp?

Maybe it’s still a novelty for us – after all this is just our second winter in Minneapolis, but we love it. I know everyone is tired of the snow and cold but we had a wonderful day. First we walked to brunch and then took a long walk down by the river.

One of our favorite pubs, Brit’s put their chairs and tables out this week in anticipation of spring – a little early I’d say!

You know we had to have a snowball fight. He tried to hit me several times while I was taking pictures but he missed!

We walked part of the Grand Rounds by the river (near the new Townhouse).

I love walking along the Mississippi River – once we move we’ll be just steps from it.

8 thoughts on “Winter’s last gasp?

  1. You take such beautiful pictures — it makes me want to come up there and walk in the snow with you …. and I hate snow — we also got that snow down here yesterday and I would rather be walking in the newly greened grass!


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